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So....this is our story. You started it a little and we got to write it our way. 

Despite trying a few things, I didn’t labour myself. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed or felt disheartened. This feels like our last pregnancy and I guess I felt like it was my last chance to have the birth I desperately wanted. But! It was a great day and despite being hangry, I loved every minute. I got to sit and look over to the first flat I lived in when I moved to Glasgow and Manu did a Greggs run for post birth. 

When we got to the hospital I was offered an examination and depending the outcome - the option of waters being ruptured. That gave us both a real moment of excitement! The doctor was great with us however, his findings were that babies head was high, my cervix was long and very much closed although, as I was last on the list for the section....maybe the examination would help her on her way. It didn’t and the section went ahead. I had a wee cry beforehand as we’d asked the surgeon about a natural c section - when they lift baby out a bit and allow time for baby to make their own way out in a calm manner (with assisted pushing from mum) - she wasn’t keen. But we talked further and we had our 3 requests met; optimal chord clamping, screen lowered to see baby being lifted out partially with me pushing her for the last few seconds. 

So!!!! There it was. The flip side to our firstborn’s journey into the world. But mostly, it was a day to ourselves. Which we needed and it gave us a sense of healing. Also - knowing that we have options was fantastic. It left us feeling in charge from start to finish. For instance;  I declined the last morphine tablet (much to the horror of the midwives) as I hate the feeling and I didn’t want it affecting the baby. 

Long winded and almost a short story entry!! 

Here we are - this photo of us two waiting to go for the c section is a thanks to you. As you helped create a vision which we brought to life. And the other two photos are of Olivia Luz Payá. Born 23rd Oct, 3.22pm weighing the daintiest of 7lb 2 oz. She’s a dream. She’s calm. She’s a hypnobirthing baby. 

The Birth of Olivia



Past clients

I’d like to introduce you to Baby Charlie, born on Sunday at 4.13am, a surprising 8lbs 8oz. 

I was already fully dilated by the time we got to hospital and I was so calm that before I was examined they said I’d need to come back on Monday because they thought it was just very early stages. They couldn’t believe it and said next time I should def have a home birth!

I got the pool but everything slowed down so much and my contractions disappeared, that after 3 hours pushing in the pool I had to come out, get a drip and have coached pushing on the bed as he didn’t turn. They said otherwise I’d definitely have been able to get him out in the pool. The midwives said they’d never seen anyone manage hypnobirthing like that and that I was so quiet they didn’t even know he was coming.

There’s no way I’d have managed that without everything you shared with us, we honestly can’t thank you enough.

To go from being so terrified of birth to that was pretty incredible and a big part of that was because we trusted you!

The Birth of Charlie



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