Past clients

I was a little sceptical when I first heard of hypnobirthing but I knew very little about it. When I found out Gill was teaching I felt more open to it, as I knew her to be very intelligent and logical.

Those feelings proved to be worthwhile as alongside the “Hypno” element there was lots of useful information that is based on facts rather than opinions. After taking the course I now feel far more informed and ready for labour and birth, more so than from NHS antenatal classes alone.

I'm also sure the relaxation techniques will prove very useful when going through labour and birth, but we need to invest some time to make sure we make the most of what we've learned.

Kevin November 2018


I feel very positive about birth after taking the course. I feel in control as I have taken the time to learn and practice techniques that will help me navigate whatever path my birth may take. I have gained knowledge surrounding the physical and medical aspects of birth and also and most importantly the psychological aspects. Having these tools is something that has benefitted me from the moment we completed our first class. I am looking forward to the process of giving birth. 
We enjoyed that the course was tailored to both of us and really strengthened our relationship in preparation for this exciting next chapter. All of the advice was very actionable and helped us to understand what our roles and needs would be come the time of birth. 
The birth stories and readings at the end of the sessions provided a time of calm and reflection and always made us feel very relaxed.
Love the affirmation cards and the booklet which I continue to use everyday particularly as my due date gets closer. 
We really enjoyed the delivery style of all the sessions, for us one-to-one worked perfectly for our timescales and also it felt very tailored to who we were as a couple.
Gillian you made us feel so at ease and able to ask anything.
The Simply Positive Birth program has impowered my partner and I to approach the birth of our first child with the confidence and knowledge that we have the skills required to navigate whatever path the birth may take. 
Hypnobirthing is just one aspect of what Gillians course teaches you, we have taken away invaluable life skills, knowledge and a simply positive mindset. 
We cannot express our thanks for your time and wisdom.

Holly and Richard - August 2019


Going into my second pregnancy with lots of anxiety and fear wasn't something I could control until I did this course. Through the information given to us and the resources available I left with a real sense of strength and belief in myself. I cannot recommend this course enough!!

Jake and Jose - July 2019


We both wanted to thank you so very much for the help, support and invaluable advice. Although our birthing experience was nothing like what we had planned or even thought of due to developing pre-eclampsia, resulting in the early delivery of our baby boy, our hypnobirthing sessions with you still played a huge part. They enabled us to remain calm during many complications and empowered us to ask questions which helped us feel in control of a situation that in many ways was out of our hands.

You were an absolute breath of fresh air for first time parents and gave us many fabulous nuggets of information! 

Lesley and Mark - March 2019


Before starting the course I have to admit that I was slightly sceptical but thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a go. Now I’m completely
converted and would highly recommend the course to anyone. Not only do we now feel more confident and empowered as we head
towards the birth itself, but I’ve also felt generally more relaxed and less anxious than normal throughout my pregnancy. Having
Gillian in our home felt like sharing the experience with a friend who genuinely cared about making sure that our birth is as positive
as possible. I never thought that I’d actually be looking forward to giving birth – thank you!

Katy and Lee - December 2018